Listeria Contamination of Our Food

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Listeria contamination of fruit prompted a recent recall from Trader Joe’s and Costco, among other stores. While no illnesses have yet been reported from this outbreak, the news alarmed many of my patients who have called for advice. According to the New York State Department of Health, “routine screening or treatment of asymptomatic persons possibly exposed to recalled products is not recommended.” Symptoms can include: high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, particularly those patients with an exposure history of Wawona Packing Co.’s fresh whole peaches, plums, nectarines, and plots. If you should experience these symptoms you …

Morcellators in Laparoscopic Surgery

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Morcellators cut tissue into smaller pieces which can be removed through the tiny incisions made during laparoscopic surgery. The advantage of using this tool is obvious: smaller incisions equates with faster hospital stays, better cosmetics, less pain, fewer wound complications and quicker return to work. But like all surgery, there are risks, one of which is spread of an occult malignancy of the uterus called a sarcoma. Sarcoma’s account for 1/350 – 1/1,000 fibroids, which are the much more common benign growths found in the uterus. Unfortunately, sarcomas and fibroids cannot be differentiated pre-operatively. The FDA “discouraged” use of morcellators …

Routine Mammogram Recommendations

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Mammograms – a hot topic for discussion. Today let’s begin with timing: when should a woman get her first mammogram? The US Preventive Services Task Force suggested last year that the baseline study should be done at age 50, conflicting with the recommendations of the American Cancer Society and most other groups, which all recommend starting at age 40. One recent study concurs with the 40 year old baseline, pointing out that about half the breast cancer deaths occur in women below the age of 50, and 71% of them had never had a mammogram. Read more here:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

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Have you taken the ALS ice bucket challenge yet? While the origin of this successful fund-raising campaign is shrouded in some degree of controversy, it is a reminder of the plight of charities. According to, charitable giving dropped by more than 13%, or $30-billion dollars, between 2007 and 2009 during the recent recession. Sadly, as the economy has recovered, donations have not. Whether you choose to share your icy splash on social media, or just send a donation, let this current campaign remind us all to donate to the charity of our choice. There’s no better feeling than giving, …

Can We Still Eat Fish?

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Can we still eat fish? Years of polluting the ocean have taken their toll, and the once glorified health benefits of consuming fish have come under scrutiny due to contamination of seafood with mercury. Fish is an excellent source of high quality, lean protein. It’s low in saturated fats and high in omega-3 fatty acids; these lower blood pressure, the risk of abnormal blood clots, and the risk of sudden death from heart disease. Mercury makes its way into the ocean via power plant emissions, chemical manufacturers, cement plants, and landfills. Once in the water, mercury is converted by bacteria …

Your Annual Flu Vaccine – It’s Not Too Late!

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It’s time for your annual flu vaccine! The vaccine is given each year, as the particular strains of circulating flu constantly change. This year’s vaccine is now available, and YOU should get one. There are many types of vaccine. The Hi-Dose vaccine is recommended for those 65 and older. The nasal spray is recommended for children between the ages of 2-8. Most of us will get the inactivated trivalent vaccine from multi-dose vials. This is dead viral particles that cannot transmit illness. It protects against 3 flu strains, and is packaged with small amounts of thimerosal preservative, which contains mercury. …

Enterovirus – the Illness That Takes Your Breath Away!

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It starts off like a simple cold – but then the kids can’t breathe! Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is currently making its way across our nation in a large outbreak across a dozen states. What can you do to prevent it? How will you recognize it? First reported in Kansas City and Chicago in August, EV-D68 has been marching its way across the mid-west. It has not yet been reported in New York – but we are closely monitoring for its arrival. Most of those affected are children, two-thirds of whom have a prior history of asthma. Many of those who …

Hot Flashes from Hell!

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“OMG – not another Hot Flash! Will they ever stop? Please – help me make them stop!” This is the beginning of a very common conversation in my office. Until about 10 years ago, many women used post-menopausal estrogens, which really helped, so this was a less common complaint. Then came the publication of the Women’s Health Initiative in 2003, which pointed out the increased rate of heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer in women who used estrogens. While there are valid criticisms of this study, the fact remains that many women have chosen not to use estrogens – and …

Libido: Easy Come, Easy Go.

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“Where did my libido go? I used to be horny, but now, not so much.” This is a very common concern in my office, and is sometimes associated with pregnancy, early parenting, or menopause… and sometimes with any other time of your life. Rodent libido is directly tied to circulating levels of testosterone, both in males and females. But humans are far more complex; testosterone levels in women do not clearly correlate with sex drive. Our brains can directly get us all revved up, or all revved down. Many of my patients are seeking an easy answer, a magic supplement …