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COVID-19 What can you do to reduce your risks?

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For Telehealth / Virtual Visit Information:…/online-doctor-consultation-hol…/ An Integrative Approach to Prevention Surely there is more that we can do to prevent catching this virus beyond social distancing. Just like with other diseases, we stave off illness by being healthy. Your immune system has the ability to protect you if you just give it the tools it needs. • Eat healthy, fresh, non-processed foods such as organic vegetables and fruits, lots of nuts and seeds, and well-raised meats. Vary your nutrients daily. Cut out the sugars and starches. Use avocado and olive oils rather than vegetable or corn oils. Do …

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Coronavirus Information

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Many of my patients have asked me for a quick synopsis of my recommendations to minimize contracting coronavirus. I hope you find this useful. Stay safe! Background Taking the world by storm, the coronavirus has proved to be a potent threat. It is difficult to estimate how many people have been infected and how many people have died. The current international numbers are over 145,000 infections and about 5,400 deaths for a death rate of about 3.7%. There are similar numbers internationally in China and in Italy. In contrast, the death rate from influenza is about 0.1% – which accounts …