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Is a Z-Pack for a Cold Worth Dying For?

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“Doc – I need a Z-pack for my cold!” Is that Z-pack worth dying for? The common cold season is upon is. It began a couple of weeks ago, and extends through March. A cold is caused by a virus, the most common of which is called a rhinovirus. Other viruses include the corona virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, enterovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. Viruses are not susceptible to antibiotics. Antibiotics work against bacterial infections. The Z-pack, a five-day course of Azithromycin, is an excellent way to treat a variety of bacterial infections, including: Acute Bacterial Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary …

Acupuncture for Menopausal Hot Flashes

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Hot flashes after menopause can be uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Many women are declining effective therapy with estrogens due to appropriate concerns for the potential for adverse health effects from that therapy. A recent publication from the North American Menopause Society has again shown that acupuncture can be an effective therapy for common hot flashes in menopause. 2,500 years of success is a powerful testament! Read more here:

Should You Take a Daily Vitamin?

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Should you take a vitamin? This is a very common question in my office. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, then the answer is a resounding “Yes! You should take folic acid supplements to reduce the risks of fetal open neural tube defects, and possibly autism.” If you have been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, such as Scurvy, then you need to replenish your body’s stores – in that case, with Vitamin C, to reverse a potentially serious disease. But what about the average person with a fairly good diet? What does the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force say …

Can We Still Eat Fish?

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Can we still eat fish? Years of polluting the ocean have taken their toll, and the once glorified health benefits of consuming fish have come under scrutiny due to contamination of seafood with mercury. Fish is an excellent source of high quality, lean protein. It’s low in saturated fats and high in omega-3 fatty acids; these lower blood pressure, the risk of abnormal blood clots, and the risk of sudden death from heart disease. Mercury makes its way into the ocean via power plant emissions, chemical manufacturers, cement plants, and landfills. Once in the water, mercury is converted by bacteria …

Libido: Easy Come, Easy Go.

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“Where did my libido go? I used to be horny, but now, not so much.” This is a very common concern in my office, and is sometimes associated with pregnancy, early parenting, or menopause… and sometimes with any other time of your life. Rodent libido is directly tied to circulating levels of testosterone, both in males and females. But humans are far more complex; testosterone levels in women do not clearly correlate with sex drive. Our brains can directly get us all revved up, or all revved down. Many of my patients are seeking an easy answer, a magic supplement …

Do We Need Vitamins?

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Many of my patients ask me if they should take a vitamin or nutritional supplement. 49% of us currently use at least one supplement daily. I answer that it depends who you believe. According to the US Preventative Services Task Force in their 2014 statement, “The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of the use of multivitamins for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or cancer.” In a word: no. They did carve out a rare exception, such as folic acid in pregnancy, or correcting a known deficiency. Many other groups …

Blues Cure the Blues!

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An article just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown a remarkable nutritional approach to preventing postpartum blues. Women using a supplement of 2 g of tryptophan and 10 g of tyrosine (both simple amino acid proteins), plus blueberry juice with blueberry extract on days three through five after delivery significantly reduced their incidence of postpartum blues. Read more here:

Do You Enjoy Eating Pesticides?

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The Environmental Working Group released its 2017 list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen fruits and vegetables. Thanks to Dr. Josh Axe for publishing this data. In random samples of fruits and veggies, almost 70 percent of 48 non-organic samples tested positive for at least one pesticide. A single strawberry sample harbored 20 different pesticide residues! Not only do these pesticides increase your chance of developing cancers, they also destroy the delicate balance of bacteria that you harbor in your gut. Those bacteria form your microbiome, and are essential in your health. They help you to fight off …