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Coronavirus Information

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Many of my patients have asked me for a quick synopsis of my recommendations to minimize contracting coronavirus. I hope you find this useful. Stay safe! Background Taking the world by storm, the coronavirus has proved to be a potent threat. It is difficult to estimate how many people have been infected and how many people have died. The current international numbers are over 145,000 infections and about 5,400 deaths for a death rate of about 3.7%. There are similar numbers internationally in China and in Italy. In contrast, the death rate from influenza is about 0.1% – which accounts …

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Telehealth  |  Telemedicine  |  Virtual Office Visit  |  Online Consultation

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In response to our patients’ needs and the rapidly changing circumstances of public health, we are pleased to offer you the option of a virtual office visit. Telehealth visits are a great alternative to office visits, erasing the commute while still being able to conveniently access Dr. Goldman as well as our Nutritionist/Holistic Health Coach Missy via a HIPAA-compliant, secure video platform. For Current Patients Just as you would make an appointment for an in-office visit, please call our office at (212) 535-6100 to schedule a Virtual Visit with Dr. Goldman. You can reach Missy directly at (914) 819-8692. At …

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Is a Z-Pack for a Cold Worth Dying For?

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“Doc – I need a Z-pack for my cold!” Is that Z-pack worth dying for? The common cold season is upon is. It began a couple of weeks ago, and extends through March. A cold is caused by a virus, the most common of which is called a rhinovirus. Other viruses include the corona virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, enterovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. Viruses are not susceptible to antibiotics. Antibiotics work against bacterial infections. The Z-pack, a five-day course of Azithromycin, is an excellent way to treat a variety of bacterial infections, including: Acute Bacterial Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary …

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Functional Medicine and Nutritional Supplements

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Never Stop Learning, or NSL, reached out to me to be one of their expert speakers. NSL was founded by a group of women seeking to continue their education by inviting speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Speakers are available on a wide variety of subjects, from medicine to politics to food and wine and even spying. Through their website (, I am available for bookings to speak with interested parties of any size. The accompanying video is an edited portion of a longer talk I gave on Functional Medicine and the role of nutritional supplements in optimizing …